Other Sites

While Bobkytten Images is my main website, it's not my first attempt at a web presence. Here are my other sites. For the most part, I'm no longer maintaining them, but you may find something of interest within.

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Travel Photography Through the Galaxy

This is a Star Wars: The Old Republic fansite. It chronicles the travels and adventures of my legacy in the game, the Bloom family, which reaches across both the Galactic Federation and the Sith Empire. 

Screenshots are the focus of the site, although much of it is written in-character, and each of my characters have full write up. There are also areas of the site devoted to the Trelos legacy, played by my husband.

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Bobkytten Creations

This is my legacy creations site. Pretty much everything on this site is now located on Bobkytten Images, but there are a few drawings, sketches and similar files that I decided weren't good enough to be uploaded here. 

You may also find a bit more information on various creations on this legacy site and, until I work on a proper way to display it here, my custom amigurumi doll pattern can be found here, as well.